Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Two Toe Tuesday: Kiila Sockdown Edition


Watching a five-hour, 15-inning baseball game on television chewed into a lot of my Sunday plans (the M's eventually won), but it also gave me a lot time to work on the Kiila socks. I've finished the first toe through the first clue, and the second toe is well underway. The foot is stockinette with a little cable up each side, and although it's a little fussier to knit than the similar (but wider) cable on the Red Hot Chili socks, I like the way it's coming out. I'm using Dream in Color Smooshy, which is splitting a little when I try to cable without a needle, but I am definitely getting more comfortable with that technique. I've shied away from it on socks before because the stitches are so tiny, and I'm not doing it 100% of the time now, but it can be faster. I just have to train myself to stop yanking the stitch that's still on the needle! I'm hoping to have both toes ready for clue #2 when it comes out later this week, but I'll be heads-down for most of the week on other things so it may not happen. The May Sockdown runs through the end of June, so even if I get a little behind there's still a chance to catch up--provided that I'm not distracted by other, shiney new patterns!

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