Monday, June 01, 2009

You Made Me Feel So Blue


Still no word on Sock Summit (no news is good news? I'll be surprised), and my third Barn Raising Quilt Square is having some problems. I noticed a couple of rows ago that something had fallen out of sync--the pattern was changing at the second stitch marker, instead of the first. I looked, but couldn't find an error, and thought that maybe I'd mixed up my markers. Until yesterday, when I took a flat-out photo of it, and could see that I'd screwed up just above where those markers are now. Time to rip!

The yarn is Smooshy in Dusky Aurora left over from these socks. Assuming that I do in fact finish the square, I may run out of yarn, but I've got plenty of backup options that should look fine.

You Made Me Feel So Blue: The Jayhawks, "Blue". There is an annoying ad at the front of the video, and it's a weird video. But it's a great song.

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ruthee... said...

That yarn is gorgeous! I am glad you caught your boo boo...better now than later!