Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Toe Tuesday: At Least My Legs Look Goth


There are two things I'd like to point out before I go any further:
  • No, my legs won't be more tan when the summer sun finally comes out. Unless I have them spray-tanned, which seems equally unlikely.
  • Neither Frieda nor Gretel have ever gone into the run-down, ivy-covered dog house that you can see out by the fence. Frieda won't use the dog door if it's blocked by any plant matter--particulary the vigorous mint plants that should be back any day now.

Back to the Socks! The Gothsocks! I saw the lonely, almost finished toe sitting around in the living room last night, and decided to move on to the foot of the sock. The toe has been almost done since the beginning of April, when I dropped it and started carrying around the Northern Lights socks since the first 6 inches are a simple rib. I'm very close to moving past the rib on those socks, so now's a good time to turn Goth again. It's an easy non-pattern, at least until I get to the garter row heel and have to remember how many stitches I worked it across.

I really love these stripes. And the finished sock is super comfy, if I ignore the massive tangle of ends that need to be woven in. I knit it as tall as I could without having to start increasing for the calf, and I had a hard time stopping there. This yarn would make fantastic knee-highs--if only I could catch an update in time to get more!

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