Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Two Toe Tuesday: Are You Freaking Kidding Me Right Now?


Another day, another bag, another pair of socks. That's right, I am not freaking kidding right now, I did start a new pair of socks on Sunday. I had to do an authentic product test--one using socks knit two at a time from two balls of yarn. So far, so good--I mean, I took the photo moments after finishing the bag, I did the actual knitting from the first bag. This bag is a little bit bigger, with a pocket on the front instead of decorative applique. The pocket is more useful, but more important to keep centered and even and whatnot. And I think that I prefer the smaller size, but maybe I just like the bright handle and buttons better. I am taking all three bags with me to knitting tonight, for some knitter's feedback!

The socks? Oh, yes, the socks. The pattern is the 2/2/2 Right Ribbed Cable Socks (Rav Link) from the Little Box of Socks. The yarn is Duet DeKay in the "Courage in Grafitti" colorway. I'm not sure it was the best choice for this pattern, the cables may be totally lost in the color. I'm willing to chance it, though--I really like the colors. I hope that the cables look o.k., because even though knitting two socks at once is great, there's nothing worse than ripping two socks at once.

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tana said...

That bag is so cute! And I like the color of your socks too. Very pretty. Love the bag. Love, love, love.