Friday, April 24, 2009

I Can See For Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles

April 24, 2009

Miles and miles of garter stitch, that is! I'm on my third (and final) ball of Felted Tweed, and I'm surprised how quickly this is progressing. I'm still mildly interested in it, too, which is a little surprising given that it's nothing but garter stitch with increases every other row.

The color is a little baffling to me. I took the two photos here a few minute apart. The top photo is outside, in a sort of shady spot. The top photo is inside, and to me is a much better representation of the color of the shawl. Weird, huh?

I should make progress on this over the weekend, but there are a few other knitted goods that I'd like to get back to. I finally picked up a zipper for the Green Chill (though I may have lost it already), and buttons for the Cables Baby. Plus, I haven't worked on Black Diamond all week, and it needs a turn too!

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Therese said...

Hey! Finally a song title I recognize! (err, um, am I dating myself here?...)

Sometimes quick, mindless knitting is exactly what we need. Bet you'll be re-charged and ready to face your UFOs in no time!