Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Quick Update: Goth Socks

Gothsocks - sock 1

An update so quick that I didn't have time to "sharpen" my slightly fuzzy photo! The first plain Gothsock that I started on Oscar night has been finished for a week or so and toe #2 is almost done. If all goes according to plan, this will be teed up as the new plain, boring knitting right when the Northern Lights sock goes from boring rib to interesting lace panel.

I really love the stripes--I would definitely use this yarn (Gothsocks) again.. The black is surprisingly black, and the stripes are nice and crisp. I am also really glad that I used plain black yarn for the heel, toe, and ribbing. Once I weave the ends in (and they aren't bunched up around my toes), these socks are going to be super comfortable, thanks to the cushy garter stitch toe and heel. Now if only I had written down how many stitches I short-rowed to on the heel and toe, I'd be in really good shape!

Still working away on a ton of other projects, and thinking about the final design of the project bags I've been talking about. It turns out that the talking is the easy part--the sewing is going to take more actual labor!

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