Sunday, April 26, 2009

Looking So Long at These Pictures of You

April 26, 2009

The garter shawl is coming along, I'm now on the edging. Although the edging is meant to be "lightly" ruffled, the number of stitches is doubled in the first row so it's taking twice as long to knit each row now. I opted for a brown border because there are brown flecks in the blue tweed, and because I will probably need more than two skeins of the black alpaca I bought for the shawl for a nice-sized border. I have five or six skeins of the brown that I bought a long time ago for a project that didn't work out (Rav link to it), so that should be more than enough--I'll probably knit this for a few more days, and then cast off.

Since there are so many stitches, it's tough to make this look all that interesting in photos. I'm using a long cord, but not long enough to get a really good look at the shawl. I thought that the addition of a dachshund to the mix would improve the situation, but as you can see above, Frieda was only marginally helpful when photographing, and Gretel refused to get involved. Frieda looked everywhere except at the camera no matter how many times I called her name or whistled. Until the shot on the bottom right, that is, where she's lunging for a treat. I say "treat", but really it's just a single piece of kibble--she's not allowed to have treats anymore, since developing pancreatitis in the fall. It's tricky to get a photo while trying to hold the kibble just out of reach of a jumping dachshund, so I'm not sure I can say that photo is any more successful than the "I'm ignoring you" photos.

Once I picked everything up, and just pretended to have a treat? Perfect, immediate attention:



Kevin said...

That Sarah Vowell book is pretty good, a little preachy, but what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

What a perfect picture of your dog. She is so beautiful.