Sunday, April 05, 2009

I Forgot to Mention Yesterday

Kai Mei

. . . that I couldn't hold out past April 1 on starting a new pair of socks from Sock Innovation. What can I say? I am weak. The pattern is Kai-Mei (Rav Link), and the yarn is Sundara Sock in Aurora Borealis. I've grown disenchanted with the Sundara buying experience (stalking the site, buying blind, and then selling what I don't love is too time, energy, and $$ intensive for me right now), but this skein is soooo beautiful. Since this pattern starts with a ton of 3 x 3 rib, it's perfectly portable--all of my other "mistake-proof" socks are at heels or toes or bind offs that I can't work on at train crossings or drive-thrus. The yarn is dark, though, so it's not that good for knitting in bars (though I could probably manage it, if forced to spend time in bars . . . that's soooo unlike me)!


knitterbeader said...

Love that color!

Therese said...

You're killing me! ;-)

Gorgeous sock and easily my favorite colorway from the last club shipment. (and I totally agree about the recent / current process for obtaining this yarn)

I just got the shipping notice, so hopefully my copy of Cookie's book will arrive before I head home for Easter.

PS - I finished my scarf in time for Alpacapalooza and am now free to start a new project!

e said...

Holy - that yarn is gorgeous!

I still haven't gotten Cookie's book yet. I need to order it. I'm resisting because I really need to finish some stuff up and I know I'll want to knit everything in there once I get it. And buy lots more semi-solid sock yarns!