Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Just Got Lost

It's amazing what kind of forgotten works-in-progress I've stumbled across while cleaning up and looking for bag ingredients in the sewing room. There are a couple of cardigans that are so old that I never logged them in Ravelry. One needs to be ripped out (there's only a few inches knit, with a couple of full-row pattern errors). The other is so old that the yarn was discontinued in 2004. If you're like me, and that sounds like it wasn't so long ago, it was FIVE years ago, and since I bought the yarn in Cambridge, it's likely much older. If only I could find the pattern or my notes, I could think about working on this again. I think that the Rowan book that the pattern is from may be in Somerville, and there's a high likelihood that I also have misplaced a skein of yarn. Yikes.

Anyway, among the really old stuff, I found a project that needs so little work to finish that I'm embarassed that I haven't really worked on it since the fall. It's the Cables Baby sweater, using Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Nyame & Stephanie Pearl McPhee's lovely Baby Yours pattern. Here's how it looks:


Somehow, when I even remembered that I was making this sweater, I thought that there was more left to knit. I thought that it needed another button band, or i-cord edging (which would involve learning), or something other than just seams. But seams and a light pressing is really all that's left. So maybe I should get on that, instead of just blogging about it?

Also, solved is the mystery of the missing darning needles--I've been looking for the Chibi in the photo for quite awhile. It was with the sweater that needed sewing up. Makes perfect sense!

I'm going to try and wrap this up this weekend (if I say it here, it must be true, right?). I've been feeling some burst of "finishitis" lately. Spring Cleaning, and all.

I Just Got Lost: "Lost" by Coldplay. Oh, Coldplay, why did your G/A seats at the Gorge have to sell out so quickly?

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CT said...

that is one cute sweater! can't wait to see it done!