Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Toe Tuesday: Great Googlie Mooglie Edition

Two Spooky Toes

How awesome is spooky self striping Halloween yarn? I started these a week or two ago, and I have a fair shot at finishing them before Halloween. As soon as I saw Liz knitting these Trick or Treat socks, I started checking in on the Knitterly Things site and managed to get this yarn (it's Vesper sock yarn in the Great Googlie Mooglie colorway). As I mentioned earlier, I did eventually get more Vesper Halloween yarn, but I think that finishing this pair of socks is really all I can manage in the next week and a half, as far as holiday socks goes. These are pretty short socks, with a basic 2 x 2 rib pattern, and a simple short row heel. Man, are they bright--they're going to look great with my clogs!!!


Emma said...

Wow, ghoulish!

Cactusneedles said...

Too cool!

e said...

i love these! i also love the name great googlie mooglie - very spooky!