Monday, October 06, 2008

Mini Mitten Monday: I've Got a Fever

and the only prescription is more Mini Mittens:


Nine in one week (on top of an usually heavy work week), that's got to be some sort of a record, isn't it? Note that the red mitten in the photo above was completed a long time ago, as the REAL 9th mitten didn't show up for the photo shoot. Primadonna.

I've really enjoyed seeing the bits of different scrap yarn while I've been knitting these, and I need to dig out more. I'm trying not to break into unused sock yarn (which would guarantee a shortage when full sized socks were knit), but it's tough.

I'm not sure how long this fever will last, I'm still a long way from my original mitten goal of 2 - 3 per week (or maybe it was more). But maybe I'll end up with enough to decorate a small mitten tree? Ooooh, that would be festive!


tiennie said...

These are supercute! They would look so cool around a tree!

Emma said...


emicat said...

That's too funny that you're making these, because I've had these on my mind too and have been meaning to ask you where you got the pattern.

I know you shared it with me at knit nite, but I forgot.

Ella said...

Mini-me-Mittens! I love them!