Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Was 21 Years When I Wrote This Song

Billy Bragg, Somerville, MA
Billy Bragg, Somerville MA, Oct. 21 2008

The first time I saw Billy Bragg, in the fall of 1987, 21 was a few years away, but I can't believe how young it feels to me now. I have to get up really early to catch a flight back to Seattle tomorrow, but I'll be singing Levi Stubb's Tears in my head the whole way home. And for days.

I Was 21 Years When I Wrote This Song: "A New England," Billy Bragg. Check out this 1991 video.


Anonymous said...

Fall of '87? Was that the show at Brandeis?

dem Efa said...

Oh...I am so envious...You saw the milkman of human kindness! "It says here the economy is on the upturn..." Oh...you lucky devil!