Friday, October 31, 2008

Sometimes Sweetness is Not What It Seems

Happy Halloween!


clockwise from orange: Pumpkin, Bat, Frankenstein

This is the last of my 2008 Halloween knitting--three Halloween-themed washcloths! That I fully intended to finish early and mail to the East Coast and other far-away points, but only finished a minute ago! These are three patterns from Kristen Patay's Creepy Cloth collection, and although I couldn't find the creepy muted colors she used, this is a nice set of cloths. I'm eyeing her Winter Wonderland cloths, too.

The purple bat cloth is made of Lion brand Lion Cotton, and the other two are Lily Sugar 'N Cream cotton. Cheap, fast, spooky, who could ask for more? I do wish that the pattern was more pronounced, but I don't think I'd like knitting these as much on smaller needles--too much hand cramping.

Now to decide: give these out as favors if I see any children I know today, keep them for next year (and start working on more--I want a ghost and a tombstone!), or use them as an extra large coaster at work (i.e. keep them for myself). Maybe one of each?? It's easy enough to make more!

Sometimes Sweetness is Not What It Seems: The Spinanes, "Halloween Candy" (note that the link will open iTunes).


Emma said...

Ack! Scary!

dem Efa said...

Heart Monkey and companion are really enjoying Frankenstein! Thank you!