Thursday, April 24, 2008

That Hungry Little Dachshund *


Total passport holders made to date: 7
Additional passport holders to make: ??

I settled on fabric for my passport holder--it's a Japanese linen blend, featuring a dachshund motif. I love this fabric, and I decided to use this only after confirming that I could get more of it (in another color) from Superbuzzy. It's a shame to cut into a yard of fabric for just a little rectangle, but a passport lasts a long time so I thought that it was worth it. I think that the Letter Hound agrees.

* I refer you to this song (watch out for the pop-ups). My favorite lyrics in the song are "and hungry eyes that could not speak, say even little doggies have gotta eat". I've seen that look before, and I fear it.


Veronique said...

Very cute! I'm loving the Superbuzzy sale...

e said...

that is super cute - love the little dachshund.

Cactusneedles said...

Very nice!