Friday, April 18, 2008

Lunch, This Week

Lunch, Week of April 14

Another week, another set of Mr. Bento lunch photos. On Monday, I learned that tomato soup will stain and discolor the plastic if I microwave it for too long. It gets too hot! That tomato soup is the greatest, though--it's from a local schmancy grocery store, and if I could figure out what they put in it, I could save a lot of money on the fancy stuff I can't resist when I go there for soup.

My favorite salad of the week is the one with cucumbers and strawberries. Delicious with Newman's Own lite honey mustard dressing. That's my current favorite dressing--usually I prefer homemade, but this stuff is really good (if you like a sweet, mustardy dressing).

I'm going out to lunch today, for L___'s birthday, so only four bentos this week--which works out well with the photo mosaic, it will only take four photos.


Toby said...

Your lunches look yummy. I work from home so it's much easier not to eat out, but I still have trouble with getting stuck in a rut and having enough healthy stuff on hand.

Regarding tomato soup (or any soup for that matter) have you tried Amy's? I really like their Chunky Tomato Bisque and looking at the website they have a lot more products than my regular grocery store has - going to have to track these down!

Cactusneedles said...

Love your lunch picts! Very inspiring! Sounds like you've been busy, I like your computer bag! Take care:)

tiennie said...

Have you ever tried Amy's Organic Tomato soup? It's cheap, delicious, a bit spicy, organic and good for you!