Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gnomey Gnitting


I haven't made a lot of (or interesting) progress on any current knitting projects over the past several days, so I thought that today I'd feature an OLD piece of knitting that recently resurfaced. Back in December, I went to a cookie-baking party with my Prom Date T__ K___ and a friend from grade school, S____ P____. The green gnome above was a special guest star--I'd given him to T___ maybe 10 years ago, and he's been carrying him around over hill and dale since them, none the worse for wear. The gnome couldn't hold onto his hat, so T__ has requested a new one, which I will make, although I haven't yet.

The blue gnome surfaced in December when I was packing up my remaining belongings in Boston. This gnome never got a face, and looks a little thin next to ol' Greenie. I purchased the pattern / materials as a kit from a yarn store in the greater Ashland, OR area about a million years ago, and I think that the pattern at least will turn up again. I'm tempted to just give Greenie the blue hat, since it is the right size and is period-appropriate, having been knit within a couple of weeks of Greenie himself. However, I think that Greenie's new hat will probably be made of left over sock yarn, possibly in multiple colors or self-striped. And wouldn't a stripey gnome be cute? I could name him Mr. Stripey, in honor of the socks I started last summer but haven't yet finished.


muoriska said...

Hi !
All went fine with your comment on my blog. Don't worry.

Thansk for commenting.

Lovely gnomes :)
I should know, because we have app. 100-200 flights from UK every xmas timen , to meet Santa and Gnomes :)

Seanna Lea said...

The little gnomes are very cute. Maybe you can make one with a scruffy little beard.

tiennie said...

Those are so darn cute!

Anastacia said...

Those are adorable! I can't make stuffies no matter how hard I try. I can follow the pattern part fine, but mine just turn out ugly, and I can never make the face look OK.

Cactusneedles said...

Question: When you went to Phx for spring training, what was the LYS that you went to? I'll be up there next week and you said you liked it (if I remember correctly) and I'll have a chance to go. Let me know if you get the time. Thanks! :)