Monday, May 07, 2007

24 Inches of Prime Chevron

Chevron Progress

The Chevron Scarf is growing quickly, and is posing here at the park next to my office. Places where I've worked on this include my favorite knitting chair, my car, E___ C_____'s house, and the dive-y bar I popped into last Friday to watch part of the Mariners game. The patrons of the bar, who may best be described as extremely regular patrons of that bar, were curious about the scarf but not unfamiliar with knitting and crochet. Odd experience, really, but funny, too. This weekend was devoted to the Sockapalooza socks, but I'll start working on the Chevron Scarf again once I have both toes on one set of needles. Or maybe I'll start working on it again right now.

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tiennie said...

Your chevron is so pretty. I really want to cast on mine soon!