Sunday, May 13, 2007

And we danced!

Mother's Day at Safeco Field

O.K., I didn't dance, but the grounds crew sure did. I took mom to the Ms vs. Yankees game this afternoon for Mother's Day, where she was given a super giant Mariner's Mom shirt and had the satisfaction of seeing the Mariner's stick it to the Bronx bombers. Nothing says "Mother's Day" like booing A-Rod! The next game that we're hitting is Felix Hernandez bobblehead night--we try to maximize the baseball experience by going to all of the hot collectible nights. I think of it as my retirement plan, since Megamillions once again failed me this week.


Laura said...

That's a great retirement plan! You can watch the bobbleheads bobble all the way to the bank. :)

Asaknitter said...

What a great retirement plan - fun pics.

tiennie said...

How fun! I love baseball but have yet to go to an actual game. Not one for crowds!