Wednesday, May 02, 2007

That Pencil Smell Reminds Me of School

And my new knit in the car project reminds me of school buses:


This is one of the two projects I started last week in a rash of start-itis. I needed something to knit in the car while stuck in the commute (it staves off the road rage, to a certain degree) and I didn't have my Sockapalooza pal's info or my STR Grasshopper kit yet. These are basic, cuff down stockinette socks, knit in Lorna's Laces Bee Stripe Shepherd's Sock. I bought this yarn at Renaissance Yarns last summer (I think), the colors are great.

The two socks on magic loop works really well for the car because the socks are sure to have the same number of rows (i.e. no keeping track of anything) and the needles won't just slide out at random like slick dpns--they're either in use or the stitches can be moved back onto the cable. Very important for the quick drop when the light turns green. I also workd on these at Safeco Field last Friday, when I had to get to the park extra early for Ichiro Bobblehead night. These socks don't take a lot of attention (though I suppose they will when I get to the heel), so they go well with batting practice. I can't knit during the game itself, it interferes with the drinking and watching closely. Not coincidentally, the drinking can interefere with the watching closely, too--I tend to stick to a one (giant) beer limit.

p.s. I'm not sure what's up with using song lyrics as titles lately, but I can guarantee that it isn't going to stop. Two alternate titles for this post were "My name is Cheech and I am a School Bus Driver" and "Can I Buy Your Magic Bus?"


cinetrix said...

Just so long as you stay off the hell bus, I think the song-inspired post titles are fine.

Which reminds me, we were in Columbus, OH, this weekend visiting our pals Sean & Hannah, who moved there from here last summer. And Hannah is apparently THE Hannah of "Hannah & Gabi" cause she [and Sean] went to high school with Evan. And that's the end of my Lemonheads story!

OK, back to grading...

Carrie said...

I'd totally forgotten about the hell bus! And I will stay off of it!