Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Swirlies! The Swirlies!

I made a lot of progress on the first Anemoi Mitten over the weekend, at the expense of a few other projects. I did put them aside for a couple of days to work on other things, partly to decide whether or not I really like the pattern in this yarn. Any thoughts? I'm not so thrilled with the amount of cream in the pattern on the back of the hand, and the ribbing is a little tighter than I'd like. On the plus side, the variegation looks good--a little less stripey than on the cuff, and both yarns are soft. Hopefully I'll be able to stretch out the cuff a little when I block these. Maybe I should have realized ahead of time that I should have gone up to a size 1 needle for the cuff since I'm using a 2 for the hand itself.

Here's the palm of the hand, with my hand in it. I know that the fit looks a little strange, but it's because the stitch holder interferes with getting my thumb all the way through the thumb hole. I like the mix of brown to white better on the palm and thumb than on the back. The pattern for the mittens is pretty easy to follow, although it's awfully long and there's so much detail that I've found myself flipping around a lot. The charts are great, though, and I like the whole thumb gusset thing. I'm flying to Boston tomorrow (hopefully), so I should have a good long time to work on these, or maybe on something a little less thought-intensive.
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Dipsy D. said...

Oh, these mittens are going to look spectacular - they actually already do! What a gorgeous pattern - I don't think there's too much cream colour in it, just knit a bit further and you'll see it's perfect this way! Looking forward to seeing the finished pair! Happy Knitting!

Kevin said...

But what we want to know is what it looks like on Gretel?