Friday, December 15, 2006

Feels like a snow day . . . but much windy-er

The Seattle area was hit overnight with a huge wind / rainstorm, and long story short I'm sitting at a coffeeshop with free Wi-Fi downloading work files so that if we get power back I can get some work done. Our house is relatively fine, although the storm door's window on the back porch is totally shattered from knocking against things all night. Our office is closed because there is no power, but I was able to zip in and get my laptop this morning. The park that my cubicle overlooks has lost a number of giant douglas fir trees, I should have brought my camera!

The upside is that I will likely spend more time knitting than web-surfing this weekend, but the downside is that I am dangerously behind at work already. Boooooooo!

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