Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Item One: Rock ... Item Two: Art Item ... Three: Me Skull

Item One: Jonathan Richman is the greatest. I saw him this evening at the Tractor Tavern, after a 12 hour work day and fighting a monsoon to get to Ballard. As soon as he started playing, everything seemed better. Note to A____ M____: note the Elsa Dorfman on the Wiki page. You and J____ are just like him!

Item Two: Compliments of Cinetrix, check out some Knitting as Art. I know that my knitting is merely Craft, but I love that there are people who can make it Art.

Item Three: A hat that I made for the Meathead KAL is an alternate to be included in a book. I know you won't believe me if I just tell you that, so check it my green hat with skull here. I think that means that I can't give it away for X-mas, but luckily I have several more skulls and also plenty more yarn. Very exciting!

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Laura said...

Ay, matey....who could say no to a pirate?? Congratulations!!