Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another Meathead . . . this time with skull!

Meathead Skull
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It's been a frustrating project weekend so far, with some work on a few projects but not a lot of progress--too much time spent in the car, or spacing out, etc. The obvious antidote is another Meathead hat, started and finished in a few hours. The yarn is Lamb's Pride Bulky, in the Old Sage color. The tiny skull is one that I knit in October, with the intention of making Halloween cards. I only finished maybe four of the skulls (there's always next year!), but I thought that this would make a good embellishment. The skull pattern comes from the pirate hat pattern from Hello Yarn, if I remember correctly. I like the pointy-ness of this meathead more than the other one I made--I translated the pattern from knit flat to knit in the round, and I think that I didn't continue to decrease quite high enough. This one couldn't get any pointier, at least not with two strands of bulky yarn and giant US15 DPNs. Seriously, those needles make me feel like I'm knitting with logs, but I love them because they have sparkly tips. A question--do you think the shape of this hat is too girly for a teenage boy? I have a few candidates in mind for the hat, my 17 year old nephew is one of them. I suppose I could make him the same hat with a little less point, right? I'm a little out of touch about what the kids are wearing these days, at least the boys.

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Jaymie said...

I think he might like something like that with less point on it.