Sunday, January 13, 2008

Someone's Rattling on My Monkey Cage All Day


First off, let me just say that I do realize that I've included the word "Monkey" in the title of three out of the last four blog posts, using lyrics from three different songs. It's a little weird, but it's just coincidence that I've been working on projects called or for monkeys in the last several weeks.

So the Seahawks lost pretty spectacularly to Green Bay yesterday, it was a very sloppy game played on an even sloppier field. However, I'd like the record to show that my plan was never to have these finished to wear during the game, and I did (as planned) work on them during the game. Today, I kitchenered up the toe, so sock #1 is done. I'd still like to finish sock #2 for the Ravelry January Sockdown, but I may take a break for now--the deadline isn't until the end of February, and it's a pretty quick knit, so there's time.

The Monkey pattern is surprisingly easy to memorize, I understand now why it's so popular. I kind of wish that I'd used smaller needles (tiny stitches always look better), but this sock fits me fine and they aren't really meant to be everyday, hard-wearing socks. I love the yarn, the colors are perfect and it's very nice to work with. Once I saw the stripes on the stockinette foot, I was a little sorry that I'd broken them up with the Monkey pattern.


See? Don't they look nice? Maybe I shouldn't wait to cast on sock #2 . . .


nicole said...

I think the mix of stripey foot and wavey leg looks nice.

Stef said...

I really like 'em. The high contrast colors look rad in that cable.

Also: January Sockdown on Ravelry? Ooh! Clearly I have not been getting the most out of my Ravelry account!

angelarae said...

The monkey pattern looks pretty funky in that yarn...I like it:)


Elinor said...

You know, I'm not a huge fan of the monkey pattern but I do love how your colors work with the pattern!! I love those stripes!