Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Can't Help it if I'm Lucky

Yippee! Sabbath's given me my first blog award! I think that she has overstated my talents by a fair bit, but I really appreciate it, and I appreciate the warm welcome that she and the rest of the Renton Stitchers have given me as I weaseled my way into the group. Going to a knitting group was one of my pseudo resolutions for 2007, but it took me months and months before I actually went, and I'm really glad that I did. Check out Sabbath's new Broadripple socks--the colors are fantastic, and I've heard on a semi-weekly basis that she will never knit socks, so give her some encouragement!
Now to pass along the award, here are some blogs that I really look forward to reading on a regular basis, even if they are probably too popular and cool to actually post about an award (which is one of the reasons I like them, probably):
Knit the Hell Up: There is no better knitting blog title, and the tone of Stef's writing matches the title perfectly. She doesn't baby her knitting, either.
Two Black Sheep: I love the back and forth between Ava and Lola, and we knit a lot of the same projects. I swear, it's probably more Ravelry-driven than me stalking and copying everything they do.
Random Snapshots: Liz is another Renton (and soon Auburn) Stitcher, and I love reading her blog because I can hear her Buffalo accent in my head as I'm reading it. Plus, her post about her new gold sneakers made me want to run out and buy a pair, even though I already have more sneakers than I know what to do with.
Thanks again, Sabbath! Can't wait to see what socks you start next!

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Lola and Ava said...

Well, thank you very much! We tend to blog the way our conversations go, but believe it or not, we're usually much more foul and loose in real life.

And a comment on your next post . . . you can totally hem those babies with a stapler. Just ask my husband who has done it more times than I care to count. Enjoy the wedding . . . hopefully it is open bar, which would make it my favorite kind!