Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ooo-ooooo-oooh, I'm Lookin' for Clues

Clue #1 of the Ravelry Sockdown January Mystery Socks is finally complete! Here's one of the socks, which I had to separate close to the end of Clue #1 due to a small pattern-following problem:


See the subtle, Valentine's Day theme on the front? I think that it looks pretty good so far, and I've started the heel flap on the other sock. Rather than juggle six different strands of yarn and two different charts at once on the intarsia heel, I've opted to keep the socks separate for the time being--three bobbins at once is plenty for me. According to the examples I've seen on Ravelry (such as these and these), the toe is supposed to be in the contrast color, and I'm a little concerned that I might run out of it--I am, after all, using leftovers. I think I have plenty of black yarn, though, so I could always use that for the tippy tip if I run out. I'd like to finish these up in time to wear to Madrona, although I probably won't be there on Valentine's day itself due to a trivia team committment (and my classes are on Sat & Sun).

I was able to finish the skirt in time for the wedding (no staples necessary, fortunately), but I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any photos yet. I also finished my wedding-related craft, making information cards for the chocolate tasting bar. Yes, you read that right--the happy couple had an incredibly delicious chocolate tasting bar, with 7 dark or semi-sweet chocolates, three milk chocolates, one white chocolate, and a Hershey bar. It was a great idea, and I tasted all but the Hershey's. Possibly multiple times. The wedding was lovely (and would have been even without chocolate), and I was so happy to be there. I didn't know many other people, but everyone was soooo welcoming and warm. I'll stop my gushing there, before it sounds like I'm reviewing the wedding instead of just discussing it--what kind of a jerk reviews weddings? Not this one!

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Therese said...

Looking good Carrie! I am hoping to finish mine by Madrona as well and wear them there on Valentine's Day.