Saturday, January 26, 2008

And So It Begins . . . . Needles and Pins


Even though I didn't have time over the long weekend to sew, I'm almost done with the skirt above (can't you tell? I just need to hem it). The pattern is the basic A-line from Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirts pattern. I think that this is my favorite Amy Butler pattern, it's surprisingly straightforward, and there are only two pattern pieces, and I didn't have to really read the instructions. It's a pattern I will definitely use again.

The fabric is from Pacific Fabrics, and the blue lining is from JoAnn's, and if only I had some hem tape I could wrap it up in a jiffy. Which I need to do, because I'm wearing it to a wedding this afternoon, and it isn't one of those bohemian, wear-raggedy-unfinished-hem weddings. It's a classy wedding, with a chocolate tasting bar and it's going to be beautiful. Time to hunt down the tape.

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LizKnits said...

The skirt is looking beautiful... I hope you'll post a photo of the final product.