Monday, September 24, 2007

Scooping Up the Field Mice & Bopping 'em on the Head


The Bunny has a face! I dug up some embroidery floss and a few buttons yesterday evening, and in just a few minutes the bunny had a face. Now I just need to make some pants for the little guy, and he'll be ready to ship off to his new home. This is a very quick project, maybe a couple of hours total. The instructions are clear and well-written, and I'm looking forward to making more of these (and clothes for them). The pattern is from Wee Wonderfuls, I highly recommend it!

P1030648One thing about having dogs who love to tear apart stuffed toys is that they don't really differentiate between their toys and, say, a bunny that you're making. Frieda made a couple of bold attempts to take the bunny away from me while I was stuffing it, but I managed to keep her from doing any damage. Her goal in life is to remove stuffing from every dog she owns, and she didn't seem to like the idea of the stuffing (new stuffing, of course) going back into a toy. This evening when I took him to the backyard for a photo, Frieda totally ignored the bunny. Gretel showed a little interest, possibly in an attempt to make it onto the blog. She's an attention-hound, for sure!

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tiennie said...

So very cute!