Sunday, September 23, 2007

Decisions, Decisions . . .

Right now, I have eight "active" WIPs in my Ravelry notebook, eleven "hibernating" WIPs, and one WIP that I haven't added to Ravelry yet. This doesn't include the bunny, or the tissue-holders I've started cutting out for the holiday bazaar, either. Is it any wonder that I'm having trouble deciding what to work on this afternoon? This weekend I've worked on:


Item 1: My second Chevron Scarf, which has somehow grown to about 30 inches after stalling for much of the summer. It's been my main car project since finishing the Brother Socks, and I've knit probably 10 inches in the last two weeks. I thought that the colors were a little boring when I started this, but they are growing on me now. The scarf will look super with jeans!

Item 2: The Big Footed Bunny. I clipped some curves, ironed some seams, stuffed one foot, and selected buttons for the eyes. Then I couldn't find the embroidery floss, so I stopped working on it. No photos--it looks not much different than before.


Item 3: The leafy triangle shawl that I started last weekend. I was able to get over 100 rows from the first skein of yarn, which is much more than I expected. My original plan was to knit about 118 rows, based on 450 yards of yarn, but I think that I can get closer to 140 rows. I'm on the fourth pattern that I've incorporated, and I'm not sure if I'll need to find a fifth.

Item 4: A secret Christmas project. If you're on Ravelry, you can see it here--it's for someone who's not on (yet). Sorry, N____er, that means that it isn't for you!

Item 5: A new pair of socks, from a pattern in Cat Bordhi's new book. More about this once I make some actual progress.

It's hard to see a lot of progress when I'm skipping around so much, although the leafy triangle shawl and the chevron scarf are getting bigger. It's also hard to focus (and to type) when there's a dachshund snuggled up on the corner of the keyboard. Time to put the computer down, and get back to knitting . . . maybe each project needs a turn.


Cactusneedles said...

You sound very, very busy. I love the colors of your scarf! Have a great day:)

tiennie said...

Lovely lovely WIPs!