Sunday, September 30, 2007

Can This Sock Be Saved?

House Socks

After some misteps, bad math, and indecision, this is where I'm at on the House Socks from New Pathways. Earlier in the week, I convinced myself that this pattern wasn't going to work because the number of stitches before the triangle starts was even, so no center stitch to begin with. I picked out a different pattern that would work with the already-knit toe, picked up some cool letter stitch markers at my LYS, and then realized that I'd counted the stitches wrong--I have 46 stitches, so 23 in the instep. 23 is an odd number, how about that? I'm about 20 rows into the arch expansion, and I don't like the pattern in the triangle for the following reasons:

  1. I didn't like it all that much to begin with, even though the overall effect is nice--I wanted to jump in and make something, so I picked a short, fully-formed pattern.
  2. I second-guessed the pattern when it started to look like ribbing, and "fixed" it so that now it's wrong
  3. I've gotten used to reading charts while making these shawls, and I'm having trouble visualizing how the pattern should look while I'm reading the instructions

I think that I need to rip back to before the arch expansion, and then use the master pattern to start again. Also, if I'm going to put patterning in the arch expansion, I will chart it out so that I can see what's happening. This style of sock knitting is very cool, but since it's new to me I should probably plan a little better, and maybe read the whole pattern and make sure I know that it will work with the stitches I have.

One thing that I really DO like about the sock is how the yarn colors are changing. You can see in the photo on the left that the yellowy-blue is slowly giving way to a bluey-blue. I had no idea that this was even happening while I was knitting, it was only after I looked at it under a light that it was clear. Very neat!

Cat's book uses the letter markers as guideposts in the pattern, and there are a lot of people out there making sets of markers with letters. Two in particular that I like are on Etsy, this circus letter set (also check out this seller's Halloween buttons) and this metal bead set. I thought briefly about making some, but there are so many good, inexpensive options, and I'd really rather knit.

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tiennie said...

I hope you figure it out! The yarn is beautiful!