Monday, September 03, 2007


Very Crowded House

It's Monday afternoon, and I'm glad that I'm not still at Bumbershoot. It was pretty hot, and very, very, very crowded both on Saturday and Sunday. I expected both of these things, but for some reason it bothered me more than usual. The shoes I wore on Saturday weren't quite up to the hours of walking, which didn't improve things for me. Also, there are only two entrances this year (I think that in past years there were at least three, maybe four). It was ridiculous, especially around dinner time--one of the entrances was just beyond a path lined with food booths. This same entrance forced people into the street while waiting for the gates to open in the morning, that can't be safe.

I did hear & see some great music: Crowded House (above), the Shins, and my weekend favorite, The Holmes Brothers. There was more that I planned to see but didn't get to, either due to the timing (I had to be home early to feed the dogs), or the crowds. There was a great Nick Drake inspired art exhibit that included documentary footage, although I couldn't get into the round-table discussion about him that I really wanted to see. Again: too crowded. Flatstock was, as usual, very cool--I bought a couple of Moleskine journals with screened images on them, and came close to buying a print for my office.

Because it took so long to get from place to place (and some of my time was spent relaxing in one of the beer gardens), there wasn't much of a chance to knit. I did work a little bit on the Brother socks:


Last night, I started the short row heels. I'll try to get some hilarious photos of these giant socks on my average-sized feet one I'm into the legs.

Today, I'm working on the socks, the Bee Fields, and on a sewing project or two, and I'm revelling in the lack of crowds (save dachshunds) and direct sunlight. Two TV marathons to flip between--Murder, She Wrote or No Reservations. Ahhhhhhhh . . . now that's a holiday!


Laura said...

Seriously? Murder, She Wrote or No Reservations? No contest...Anthony Bourdain all the way! I love that guy! :)

Cactusneedles said...

Oh, I love Crowded House, but a bummer that it was so crowded (a good play on words in your posting!). Nice color on your socks there:)

tiennie said...

It was a great weekend for bumbershoot, wasn't it?!

Anonymous said...

My fave was Vive Voce! Glorious 3 days -- but I agree too few entrances/exits and I miss the real bumbershoot folks--where were the bumbershoots anyway this year???