Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gigantic Socks Finished


These socks may not look that big in this photo, but trust me, they are--possibly even a little too big, they're over 11 inches from heel to toe, and about the same length from heel to top. I took this photo while they were still very damp from washing, so they may be a little stretched out. I feel like I still have a TON of yarn left from the XL Duet Sock Yarn (over an ounce), but I didn't want to make them any taller for fear of having to put in calf shaping. The cast off looks a little flared, it's just a very loose bind off from Anne Hanson blog.

I love the colors, I like the simpleness of the 2x2 rib, and hopefully the socks will fit. Now I just need to decide what socks are next . . . .

1 comment:

tiennie said...

Nicely done! Great colors!