Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finally Finished - Anemoi Mittens

I'm not sure if there's much left to say about the Anemoi mittens, except that they are finished!

Freshly Washed, and Drying
Here they are after washing--they are still wet here. It was hard to get them to lay flat and straight for the photo. They were not knit crooked! At least not as crooked as they look here.

The main color is Sundara Yarn sock yarn in Bittersweet, and the off-white is Dale Baby Ull. I love the slightly stripey color of the Bittersweet, and the dark sections give a velvety look to the corrugated ribbing.

Palms Up!The striping looks great on the palms, doesn't it? I think that the palms would have benefitted from a better handle on yarn dominance, although then the hands might have turned out lighter than I wanted. The two mittens are slightly different sizes and a little big, but not enough to be a problem. Next time, I may try using a US1 instead of a US2 for the main part, for a snugger fit. The pattern came with blank charts so that I could chart my own design, so I'm mulling over some possibilities. I love the swirls on Eunny's design, though!

Finished Mittens - On Hands

Here are the mittens in action--and by action, I mean modelled by my mom in the sewing room, while I awkwardly photograph them under the full-spectrum light.

Now all I need to do is figure out which is more important--wearing the mittens while driving, or having my fingers free to knit at stoplights.


bradyphrenia said...

they look gorgeous! that sundara yarn is beautiful

Laura said...

Keep your eyes on the road!! :)

tiennie said...

Those are gorgeous! Love that yarn.

Queen Frogger said...

They are beautiful, lovely and amazing! i wouldn't be able to stop looking at my hands if I had some of them!

Desiknitter said...

The mittens are beautiful! Good job.

Babs said...

I love those colors together. They are so---amazing. The Bittersweet is sort've hot and peppery, and the white cools it down.