Monday, February 05, 2007

The beret got smaller . . .

. . but I'm still never going to wear it. I've never worn, nor have I ever wanted to wear, a beret. Can someone out there (E___ G_____, I'm looking at you) tell me why I ever knit this thing? And/Or why I kept it for at least six years, unfelted?

I suppose I could save it and use it as part of a costume, or as an emergency gift. I had several people try it on, and it looks pretty stupid on all of them.

Here it is, post-felting (about six washes):

That's a bad hat

The Anemoi mittens are finished, but I'm getting a cold and don't have the energy to photograph them tonight. I tried starting a pair of fingerless gloves, but had to rip out the cuff because it seemed both sloppy and too small. Maybe I should stick to something basic until the fog clears in a day or two!


tiennie said...

I like knitting berets but you're right - not many people can wear them. My daughters look very cute in them but it's probably because they are young and are suppose to be cute.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

And here I think just the opposite, namely that berets look good on everyone. Funny. I suggest you offer it for swap on the knitty coffeeshop forum. You already have a good picture.