Thursday, February 15, 2007

Endpaper Mitts - Beautiful AND Delicious

And it tastes good, too!
Tastes Good!

The first Endpaper Mitt is done, and I like it a lot, although I'm not sure that I like it as much as Gretel. Yesterday, when I put it on after finishing, Frieda wanted to fight it in the same way that she fights with socks. It's adorable when puppies fight with socks, but it's slightly less charming in an adult dog who prefers that socks not walk around the house with my feet in them. I'll have to make sure that I don't leave the mitt(s) out anywhere. I'm still carrying around my Anemoi mittens with me everywhere I go, in case there's a sudden cold snap.

First Endpaper Mitt - palm

The mitt is quite snug on my big hands, it's just the angle of my wrist that makes it look baggy. The only thing that I don't think turned out well is the line of purl stitches that runs up the thumb gusset side. I'm not sure if I used a different "make one" technique than Eunny did, but I think it looks a little sloppy. I'll try to pay more attention to that on Mitt #2. I'm tempted to wear this mitt around solo, but I'm not quite sure that I can pull off that look. I used the same size needle for the ribbing and the colorwork, and the bottom ribbing is a little puffier than I'd expect, but fine.

Inside Endpaper Mitt #1 Here's the inside of the mitt. None of the floats are very long, but I'm still a little afraid of snagging on them. The inside looks pretty good, though--probably better than any other colorwork I've knit.

Under normal lighting, there isn't quite as much contrast between the colors in the mitt as in the photos--the difference is a little subtler. Which brings me to a song lyric using the word subtler--can anyone guess which band is responsible?

He's neat and discreet, he couldn't be any subtler / This is the story of my Rock N Roll Butler

Post your guesses in the comments, or e-mail me offline.


Laura said...

Upper Crust! :)

Oh and BTW, you can totally pull off that look. I expect you to be rocking the one-handed mitt this afternoon in the Grizzly.

tiennie said...

Your stranding is beautiful! I ordered some knitpicks so that I can try making these too.

knitten kitten said...

I've been lurking for a while but your song lyrics have brought me out of hiding and my final answer is that that has to be Upper Crust.
I love your blog by BTW. Great mitts and I'm diggin' on that ice cream cone hat. Unfortunately the pattern is not to be found. So sad!

Terhi said...

It's a beauty! I really like the colours you've chosen too. :-)