Sunday, February 11, 2007

Endpaper Mitt #1

I should probably be working on my Bohus Cuffs, but this week I started a pair of Endpaper Mitts:

Endpaper mitt #1

Recently I've spent some time in the office on weekends, when the building isn't heated, and a pair of these would really take the chill off while still allowing me to work on the computer. Of course, it's starting to feel springlike here and I don't regularly go in on the weekend, so I'm probably about a month late in making these. The yarn is GGH Merino Soft, which I've been using a lot lately--the lining for the We Call Them Pirates hat and the Beaded Cuffs both use this yarn. I like that it is very springy, and produces a nice, smooth fabric. The needles are Knitpicks size US2 (or maybe they're a big size 1--they seem very loose in my needle gauge). I'm paying attention to yarn dominance on these mitts, and I think that it is paying off--the black stitches look nice and crisp. The cuff is going to be snug on my thick wrists, but they are supposed to be close-fitting.

I've joined a new knitting blog ring, welcome to anyone who lands here from as a result! I sometimes mix it up with other crafts (don't be alarmed), but lately it's been all knitting all the time.

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tiennie said...

You know, I wasn't too wowwed by the endpaper mitts but then I started seeing everyone's different color combos and now I really want to knit them too. Love the colors you chose!