Saturday, February 03, 2007

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse

Left Anemoi Mitten in progress

I finished the cuff of the left Anemoi mitten last weekend, and was making good progress until a couple of issues cropped up:
  • Yarn Dominance: No, this doesn't mean that these are dominatrix mittens. Would a dominatrix even wear mittens? It means that the pattern shows up differently depending on which strand of yarn you hold under the other one. I've been holding the brown yarn under the white yarn. The pattern looks better if I hold the white yarn under the brown yarn. How do I know? I tried it out, and the difference was significant. Rather than rip out 1.75 mittens, I ripped out 10 rows of better-looking knitting in favor of consistent knitting.
  • Pattern Stupidity: It's not the pattern, it's the knitter. After ripping out the 10 rows mentioned above, and re-knitting 4 of them, I realized that I'd made a mistake after putting the thumb on stitch holders and had omitted one of the vertical stripes that runs up the inside-side of the mitten. A very obvious mistake, so I had to rip out another 18 rows. I took the photos above after ripping these out--just in case I have to scrap the whole mitten.

I'm tempted to start something in stockinette on giant needles, just to feel like I'm making some progress!

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