Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dormant Work In Progress - Dale Baby Sweater


I spent some time this weekend digging through the boxes that have arrived from Somerville, mostly looking for a particular CD that I've been thinking about for the last couple of weeks. I played team trivia, and there were two Sinead O'Connor questions, which made me want to hear a few songs from "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got". I couldn't find it (and I really hope I didn't give it away in the Purge of '06), but I did find one of the several WIPs that I squirrelled away many years ago. As with many of these WIPs, I don't remember exactly when I started them, and if it was for a specific baby the window has long since closed on giving it as a gift. The yarn is Manderin Petit egyptian cotton, and the pattern is this one from Dale of Norway:

Dale Sweater

Judging by the price tag, it was purchased at Woolcott in Harvard Square, a minimum of 6 years ago. According to Yarndex, the MSRP is now $5.75 per ball, or 35% higher than I paid. The back and fronts are totally done (all in one piece), and much of one sleeve is also finished. I can't say that I think the sleeve looks very good, the gauge could be tighter, and I shouldn't have stored it on such short dpns. When (if?) I pick this up again, I'll probably need to rip out the sleeve and start it over, if only to make sure that the two sleeves end up matching. I still like the pattern, and although the colors aren't particularly inspiring they are baby-appropriate and have nice contrast.

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tiennie said...

That is beautiful - I hope you do finish it!