Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Socks are in the Mail

The socks have actually been in the mail for almost a week, but I haven't had a chance to post--Blogger has been a little touchy. Speaking of which, I just noticed that all of the standard text on my templates is now auf Deutsch, not just the dates. Suck it up, people, I know you can figure out how to check my profile if you're interested.

The schmancy label for this pair of socks is definitely a rip off of the last label I made, and I'll probably use it again. A dead person a few people down the chain is sending me her Socks in Progress, but it would violate the rules (if there are still rules) to start them before Dibbus is actually dead. I've been trying to contact my assassin and a person further up the chain to see whether or not my death is imminent, but I haven't heard anything, so who knows? I made it to the top 15%, I'm pretty much ready to be taken out. Posted by Picasa

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