Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sock Wars - Target #4

I started my third new pair of Socks Wars death socks last night. The idea behind Sock Wars was that each person would buy yarn and start one pair of socks, and pass them along to their assassin once killed. That's not even close to how it has turned out and it's incredibly irritating. This is the third pair I've had to start from scratch, and since I don't have very much non-earmarked yarn on hand, I've had to buy all of the yarn I've used. Of course, my new target recently started her fourth new pair using her own yarn, so at least I'm not alone. Maybe you CAN'T believe everything you read in the internet. I'll try to look it up on this google I keep hearing about, and see if that tells me anything.


Laura said...

I've used "the Google" to look up maps before, it's pretty handy. :)

kate said...

i can't believe you're not getting mailed socks...at least some stinkin yarn! Let me know if you need #4 and I'll send you some handdyed of my own...as a little gift for making it this far! (Any idea on how many are left?)