Thursday, November 23, 2006

Meathead Complete

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

As mom works on the holiday meal, I've been entertaining the dogs, cleaning up the living room, and working on a few projects. I decided to embellish my Meathead with a fabric yo-yo and a vintage anchor button that I found out in the sewing room. It's so nice to finish something, although I genuinely wish that it was the final pair of Sock Wars Socks that was done. Once Laura's socks are done, then I can go back to Shedir, or to the Olive Garden Scarf, which has developed a very distressing tangle in the ball of plum mohair.

Here's a close up of the meathead embellishment:

I love the anchor button. This pattern was so easy and fast that I may make another one, in the smaller size. This one fits me fine, but if I make one for someone with a normal sized head the small is probably fine.

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Laura said...

I love the way that pinwheel looks on your hat!