Sunday, November 12, 2006

All About Sunday

Since I now have an embarrassingly high number of active knitting projects, I made a little bag to hold onto one of them. The featured fabric is little goldfish, paired with orange polka dots. It clashes horribly with all of the projects I am currently working on, but it will be easy to find in my bag. The dots and fish match surprisingly well on the edges, considering that I used French seams where the patterns meet and on the bottom. Bags this size are very handy, maybe I'll make a few more soon. After all the time I've spent knitting, it seems strange to finish a complete project in 30 minutes.

You may have heard that we're having an extremely wet November here in the Pacific Northwest. Rivers are flooding, property is being swept away, dogs are peeing inside in order to avoid the wet, soggy yard. Seriously, I have to watch those dogs like a hawk! And I'm leading up to hawks . . . the Seahawks. On this extremely cold, rainy day, we had tickets to see the Seahawks play the Rams. Fortunately, our seats were in a suite, so we were warm and dry. Here's a view from the suite:

Lenny Wilkins raised the 12th man flag, and the game was close all afternoon. I've heard a lot about how loud Qwest Field is during the games, but I was still surprised that it was rock show loud--whenever the Rams had the ball, it was too loud to hear anything but the crowd. The Seahawks won with a field goal and a few seconds to go, woo-hoo! I don't really follow football, but it was a lot of fun seeing a game live.

Also, there's a lot of downtime during football games, in between plays and during commercial breaks. I took the Socks that Rock scarf with me, and added a few inches to it. It's now about 24 inches long, not too shabby for the first week! I think that it's about halfway finished, there isn't a formal pattern and I don't remember how long the scarf was in the shop. I'd like to use about half of the yarn (or less) in each skein, so that I can get two scarves out of the yarn, but the yarn (or stress, or the weather, or whatever) is irritating my skin so once this one is done I'll probably hold off on scarf #2. I suspect the mohair.

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Laura said...

Okay, I need to find those dots and fish - that seems like it could be a very good combo for a certain baby blanket that I need to make before the end of March. :)