Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Toe Tuesday: I Told You I Was Starting Something New


After blogging about the Bee Fields shawl last week, I immediately started a new pair of socks, and in only a week, the first sock is done (it's on the right, obviously). It's Yarntini sportweight, in the Cabana Boy color from her semi-solid summer sock club. I love this yarn--it's really squishy, it's incredibly bright, and since it's sport-weight it knit up quickly. I love the second yarn in the club also, and I'm looking forward to the third yarn, which should be in the mail soon. The pattern is Cotty (Rav Link), but I made one small "modification". "Modification" is in quotes because really I just misread the pattern, and instead of working three plain knit rows in between each lacy row, I only knit one plain row. The result is a lacier pattern, and I liked it so I just kept going. I've cast on for sock #2, and am expecting it to be a quick knit as well, though probably not quite so quick.

Then there's that other sock--it's the sock shown in the Sock Summit logo, the pattern came out over the weekend. I'm using some STR lightweight from the 2007 (?) Rockin' Sock Club, and some blackish Claudia Handpainted that's been in the stash for awhile. I'm not totally sure I love this color combination, and have seriously been thinking about ripping it out and using another yarn, but that may just be because I wish that I'd used a true solid black instead of the handpainted grey/black (it's Claudia handpainted). I also wish I'd just used a blue and black, so that the sock would exactly match the Gothsocks that the pattern resembles so far. But a bright green and black would also look really cool. The pattern itself is great, and I'm learning how to knit jogless stripes (via Techknitter). I do wish that the pattern wasn't six full color pages, it seems a little wasteful--I ended up skipping the first and last page, but it's still a lot of paper and ink! Anyway, I am still thinking about how to proceed, so in the meantime maybe I'll get back to the second Cabana Boy. Or maybe I'll just rip it out. What to do????


Walden said...

I like the "goth socks", but I will admit they don't look very "goth". I like the way the hand-painted yarn looks between the stripes of black.

Cactusneedles said...

Both socks are great!