Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Got a Lion (on) My Pocket, and Baby He's Ready to Roar


Lion, Kitten, same diff, right? I'm making some sock project bags (similar to the small bag pictured here) for Liberty's booth at Sock Summit, and these are the pockets. I've been sewing them a little at a time, assembly line style, which is not normal for me but is probably a good exercise. You may have already noticed that I wander a little when I'm crafting, without much focus or a plan, but that's not an approach that will work here. First I cut out the main fabric and zig-zagged all of the edges, then I cut strips for the handles and pockets, and now I'm sewing the pockets. I'm trying to be more focused primarily so that there won't be big size or quality variances from one bag to the next.

I'm shooting to have 20-ish bags, which seems reasonable to finish. I'm not sure how they'll sell (I'm a little concerned about how to price them), but it all feels pretty low-risk given that most of the materials have come out of my sewing room. A friend suggested that I put together a pattern and sell it, which I'm considering--there is a lot of overlap between sewers and knitters, but this is a pretty simple bag to make without a pattern, so I'm not sure if it's worth doing. I may also make some simple drawstring bags (maybe even one with another kitten on it), if there's time or if I can engage the services of a certain retiree who I live with who has far better skills and more free time than I do.

In Sock Summit class news, I have ended up with two classes, and I'm very excited about both of them. One is a sock design class with Anne Hanson, and the other is "Respectfully Breaking the Rules" with Yarnissima. Both of these classes were first-tier on my list, and I expect to learn a lot, so I know that I'm luckier than many people who didn't get into their first (or any) choices. I'm still disappointed that I didn't get more classes, and that E_____ and I each have different full day classes on different days. I feel like I'm not getting full vacation value out of taking three days off work and paying for four nights of hotel, and now it's really too late for me to plan a real (week+) vacation time before work gets crazy in mid-August. Live and learn--eggs, basket, chickens, hatch.

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ruthee... said...

Assembly line works well in situations like this. I LOVE the bags and I agree with your friend...draft up a pattern or at least a tutorial!