Saturday, December 08, 2007

To See the Frog Eat the Goggle-Eye Bee


As I've been working on the Bee Fields Shawl over the last couple of weeks, I've felt like I'm really cooking on this project. Sure, the rows are really long, but I haven't had to rip back or perform any MacGyver maneuvers to keep up with the pattern. I was ready to start the third section a couple of days ago, and figured that I'm entering the home stretch--last section, right?

Wrong. Using Jessica's shawl calculator, the shawl is only 52.6% completed after 161 rows. Skeptical, I decided to recalculate using the number of stitches in each row--I started with 27 stitches, and increase 4 stitches each row. Using this method, the % complete isn't much different (54.9%), but that extra 2% makes me feel better. Now, 5 rows later, I have my first giant bee and I'm 58.1% complete. I like that giant bee, although I'm not totally used to the new pattern yet. I still really like the pattern, and I really like the yarn, but I'm getting a little tired of looking at it. I purchased some Lime & Violet sock yarn recently from the Loopy Ewe, and although it's very nice (and called Sasquatch--who can't get behind that?) I have no desire to knit it. I realized this morning that it's because it's very close in color to the Tupelo Gold of the Bee Fields Shawl. See?


It's not you, Sasquatch . . . it's me.

I think that I'll have to put it away for awhile (a loooong while), or trade it with someone else for a different color. It's a shame, though--it's the first time I've managed to get any of this yarn, and I should have picked a different color.

P1040960Now that I've realized that this isn't "almost done", I should focus more on some holiday knitting. There aren't a lot of things I'm knitting for Christmas this year, and I've been gradually completing things over the whole year. I still have finishing to do on many of the projects, though. My secret project is nearly finished, I'm including the photo on the right to give you a peek at the color to give this blog entry a more festive feel--not all green! The poppy socks are meant to be Christmas gifts as well, but I haven't been working on them much lately. Time to pick up the pace (or decide to finish them at my leisure, for myself).


Janice in GA said...

I tend to always pick the same kinds of colors. I see something that looks pretty and interesting, and then I realize I've got practically the same colorway in 3 different yarns at home.

Yours is pretty, though. :)

Veronique said...

Oh, those bees are the coolest thing!