Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Last Time You'll See My Booty

I love these colors, click only if you're prepared to spoil the surprise! Note that my photo came out a little bright-ish, but I'm too lazy to reshoot. Maybe this spoiler is more representative.

After six months in the Yarn Pirate Booty Club, I'm hanging up my scabbard for the time being. Overall, I've been very pleased with the club colors, especially these last two shipments. And maybe the first two, and maybe the two middle colors too. I'm not a huge fan of merino/tencel yarn, but maybe once I knit with it I'll feel differently.

So it's not you, Booty Club, it's me--I'm declaring 2008 a sock-club catch-up year, at least for now. I have a huge backlog from this year's clubs, and So only one more spoiler left in 2008 (the final Socks that Rock installment), and then it's time to actually knit some of this yarn.

Surprisingly, this wasn't the best thing that I got in the mail today--I had a little visit from Krampus, compliments of a friend in Vienna. In addition to some birch sticks to beat me with, he brought me Mozartkugeln, the made-in-Austria-not-Germany kind. Ahhhh, Mozartkugeln, how I've missed you! Almost as much as I've missed my Viennese friend.


Lisa said...

"last time..." *snort* that is too funny. It seems there is no end to the uses of "booty" in a hilarious way. Thanks for the giggle!

Diana @ Photodee said...

Yeah, I know the feeling of accumulating sock club yarn and not knitting enough with it. But that doesnt stop me from continuing to find new clubs to try!