Sunday, December 02, 2007

Better Than Knitting Photos . . .

. . . are photos of the yarn from Spincycle Yarns that I bought today at Urban Craft Uprising:


Blue-Faced Leicester handspun, color: Ruination


Merino/Silk handspun, color: Antique Glass

There has been plenty of knitting lately, but nothing new or close to completion (and not enough good light for pretty photos). It's time to start on other Christmas crafts, too--cards, especially. Now that the heat is back (new furnace), I don't have that as an excuse so I should really get cracking. I'm using a New Year's theme this year after a couple of years of Christmas-y colors, so that will buy me an extra week to finish up!


Rhonda said...

Ah, pretty yarn! I wanted to buy some of their yarn yesterday at Urban Craft Uprising but didn't bring enough cash.

nicole said...

Wow, that yarn is so beautiful, especially the aptly named ruination. I think I could easily ruin my budget on this stuff!

Glad to hear you're toasty warm again!

Cactusneedles said...

Great yarn. I hear you on the Christmas cards. I always try to get them done before Dec 1 (it never, ever works).

tiennieknits said...

I love that antique glass! So pretty!

Rebecca said...

That 'Ruination' would be the ruin of me! Incredible colors!