Friday, December 21, 2007

Spoiler Alert: RSC Dec 2007

My final Rockin' Sock Club arrived today, and the colors are very nice. The colors look darker when wound than in the hank, more so than usual--either that, or I'm remember a spoiler hank (which could vary some from mine) rather than my actual hank. The pattern is interesting, as usual, but it's much too early to decide whether or not I'll knit it with this yarn. Click above if you want to spoil the surprise!

I'm a little relieved that this sock club is done. I'm tired of waiting for packages to arrive in Washington after they've arrived in Europe, and I'm tired of seeing the skeins of yarn pile up, mostly unknit, but overall I generally liked the yarns and patterns. There are a couple that don't suit me, but not any more or less than I expected going in.

The only place that the club really fell short for me was in the opinions expressed on the blog & in other places. I felt that some people over-emphasized the exclusiveness of the club (where are we, the USSR?), and some people posted fairly nasty messages when they were disappointed by the pattern or color. I really can't get on board with either one of those attitudes--one knitter isn't superior to another because of membership in a club, and part of joining a "surprise" club is that you might not love every surprise. Basically, I think that a vocal minority dominated the conversation, and not in a constructive way at all. I love the STR yarn, and there are plenty of non-exclusive colorways for those who will have our noses pressed up against the window next year.

Enough of my kvetching--I've got my December yarn, and I may have to break into it with a tiny mitten. There's no chance that the amount of yarn in a tiny mitten would prevent me from finishing a sock, right? Today I gave away the seven finished mittens, but knit another two this evening, and I hope to have replenished the tiny mitten stash over the weekend. It's the best way I know right now to avoid the spector of Christmas Card Failure (2007 edition).


Kristy said...

I had pretty similar feelings about the club-- I was a lot happier after I unsubscribed from the knitalong blog. But it was fun to see what showed up every other month! :)

Cactusneedles said...

I like those colors! Theyr'e right up my color alley! Take care:)

Diana @ Photodee said...

I, too, was kinda happy to see this club finish. It was the second club I signed on for (after Sundara's Petals) and after watching the 2006 club from the sidelines I thought it was going to be cooler than it turned out to be. I agree with you about the blog. Also, I am not a toe up knitter, so most patterns fell flat for me. Happy Mini Mitten Knitting! (where did you get that pattern?)