Sunday, August 05, 2007

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted, Vacation, Have to Get Away

Blue Angels Flying Over Safeco Field

Ahhhh, it's been a really long week and an even longer weekend. Good, in the balance, but still very long. I think that the phrase "High School Reunion" says it all. One additional phrase: "Reunion Committee." Seriously--being back in the office tomorrow is going to feel like a vacation.

Next week will be all about catch up, hopefully both at work and at home. On Friday, the carpet was finally installed in the sewing room, and it looks great:


Soothing Neutrals!

Tomorrow we'll start moving things back in, but hopefully not as many things as we moved out.

In knitting news, my Sockpal has received the Bavarian Rockstars, and is no longer a secret! The socks fit her, and she said that she was glad that I went with the larger heel--the smaller one would likely have been too tight.

In other knitting news, I started knitting the Bee Fields Shawl, using Tupelo Gold yarn from Wooly Wonka Fibers. So far, it looks really nice:

Bee Fields

What's that you say? Something about Mystery Stole 3, and how I'm only on Clue 2? I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Back to Bee Fields: the charts for this shawl are much more complicated than charts I've worked before (lots of symbols to learn), so I've started by using the written out row by row instructions. It's more challenging for me than the Mystery Stole so far, but that may just be because I'm at the beginning. I'm very pleased with the yarn so far, although I'm not looking forward to untangling the skein that I screwed up when I tried to wind it. There are a lot of people using other yarns for this shawl, there are some gorgeous examples on the KAL (and Ravelry, of course).


tiennie said...

I love the Blue Angels! You'll have to post pics of your finished sewing room when you get a chance.

your Sock Pal said...

Two things:

1. That shawl is going to be beautiful!

2. Your socks are on their way!