Sunday, August 12, 2007

Slow and Steady

Folded Fabric

The sewing room project continues, with more progress today as we start to move things back into the room. The latest addition to the room is a 6' x 6' shelving unit from IKEA. It's awesome!!!! Which is a good thing, since it had to be bolted to the wall and is more or less permanent. It replaces the sloppy, shaky shelves that I took out before painting. It turns out that the main reason they were so shaky is that my brother slacked off on using enough screws when mounting them. Nice work!

Now the negotiation for what comes back into the room begins, which is also slow going. I'm trying to set some boundaries for myself (and my mom), but it's tough. We're both total pack rats, and are sucked in by fabric sales of all kinds. I've recycled several years of back magazines (goodbye, Cooking Light and MS Living), and we're putting her 1957 sewing machine in the garage instead of back in the sewing room. The key is to try and keep things neat looking (if not in fact neat) and get rid of or use up more than we buy going forward. It would be so much easier to keep up if I'd actually carve out some time to sew! My knitting stuff doesn't take up a ton of room, because when I added my stash to Ravelry I consolidated (almost) everything into underbed storage containers. Thank you, Ravelry!


Laura said...

The shelves look great! I thought you would go with the white ones, but I really like what I can see of the ones you ended up with. And the fabric is all folded so nicely, too!

tiennie said...

Looks great! Beautiful fabrics!

Kevin said...

I'm going to claim it was a different brother. One with a lesser grasp on fasteners and fastener technology.